About skywich

About Us

SKYWICH E-Com Pvt Ltd, is an emerging direct selling company, Estalished in 2021. A one of a kind life changing company. Leader pressing forward.we sell the top match the products, Electronics, health & wellness product and food suppliements to consumers through large chain of successful distributors,who earn a noticeable income.

We are a quality-based firm always involved in providing the best quality knowledgeable products to our clients.We Work to ensure that all of our production units provide good working conditions and environmental standards. We achieve these objectives by working to agreed standards, supported by regular site inspections and a policy of continuous improvement

Mission & Vision


We tirelessly work towards for ‘excellence’ by providing customized solution & Services that best satisfies the requirements of our applicants and continuously improve quality, customers satisfication and well being is our indispensable priority.


Our vision is to provide bench mark quality standards and luxurious lifestyle,To evolve skywich into “The most eminent direct selling company